Terms & Conditions
Privacy policy :
Most customers buy on repeat basis after their first purchase. This also leads to mutual trust. We are not in the business to pass on customer information to others but to sell our own products. Our firm is the pioneer of saree business in India and has carried on same business for 7 generations, almost 200 years. Privacy of customers is ensured and maintained impeccably.

Delivery policy :
Delivery is made thru DHL, UPS or reputed international couriers and a POD of same is obtained from them. Consignments can be easily tracked thru AWB nos on respective courier's websites.

Cancellation and refund policy :
Goods once sold cannot be returned or exchanged as they are stitched to a custom size and therefore returns and cancellations are not possible. 4.

Terms and conditions :
A. Goods once sold cannot be exchanged or refunded, as they are custom stitched.
B. Colors may vary from what you see on your monitor as different monitors have different resolutions.
C. Customs duty, if any applied by customs, would be payable by the buyer.
D. Goods are dispatched thru reputed international couriers and tracking details are E-mailed to the buyer.
E. Privacy of customers is maintained at all times and their information is not shared with anyone whomsoever.
F. Goods are dispatched usually within 5-7 working days unless the customer's order involves irregular size or color and the same is conveyed to the buyer in advance.

Delivery is strictly against full advance payment and the details asked from customers are their measurements and address and contact telephone numbers, which in any case are needed as goods are physically shipped and the couriers need the same for delivery.